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Dave Philley photo Dave Philley, musician, singer/songwriter, sings and accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica for his own tunes and cover songs.

Dave performs Canadian Folk songs, Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Love Songs, Country, Bluegrass, Blues and more genres.
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Be Happy To Be Alive© a Country-Folk song about how climate change is affecting global warming, and how it changes the planet and its inhabitants.

Good Morning Gibsons©, a Canadian Country Folk song about relocating from Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver BC, to Gibsons BC, a town located on the Sunshine Coast.

'Round Saskatoon Saskatchwan©, a Canadian Folk song, is about moving from the pleasent prairie city of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, to North Delta, a suburb of Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, during the summer of 1967.

The Mighty Red River© is a song about the devastating Red River flooding in 1997, and how the people of Manitoba in Canada pulled together to save as much of their land as possible.

Love At First Sight© is a love song about feeling love at the first time you see and meet the other person.
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Dave Philley Biography

Dave started playing guitar and singing as a teenager.  He performed popular folk, folk-rock and country songs. Later on in life, Dave went through an emotionally upsetting period. His singing and guitar playing became his way to salvation. No matter how bad things got, he found he could usually always make himself feel better, simply by singing a few songs.  However, he was almost broke and started busking to make a few dollars. Like most beginning musicians, he was nervous of playing in front of people.  Busking helped him to overcome his uneasiness as he learnt how to play in front of an audience. Dave started performing at small venues. He found he really enjoyed performing, especially when he received sincere compliments from people in the audience.

Dave sings and accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica.  He writes and performs his own songs, as well as popular cover tunes, including Canadian Folk songs, Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Blues and more genres . His musical inspirations come from many artists, including songs by Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eagles, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Neil Young and many more.  For more information on Dave Philley, please view his Facebook page,, where you can view past performances at various venues. 

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Be Happy
To Be Alive©

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Good Morning Gibsons©
Lyrics, Audio
Music Video

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'Round Saskatoon Saskatchewan©
Lyrics, Audio
Music Video

Saskatoon Saskatchewan picture

The Mighty Red River©
Lyrics, Audio
Music Video

Red River flood 1997 picture

Love At First Sight©
Lyrics, Audio
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